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“Hello, I'm John Caldwell, an active professional drummer in Asheville North Carolina.  I keep a busy schedule of teaching at the Music Academy Asheville Monday through Thursday. 

I also perform with many area groups including my band Crocodile Smile.  

I am also an active member of my local church, Pole Creek Baptist Church in Candler, North Carolina.  I play drums there at Pole Creek every Sunday that I'm available. Also, Check out my Facebook page!”


“I graduated from Governor's School East in North Carolina and I have a B.A. in music from UNC Chapel Hill, 2000.  I'm married to my elementary school sweetheart, Mary Beth. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, hanging out with my beautiful wife and our dogs, fishing and cooking on the grill. I can smoke pork shoulders with the best of them!”


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